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Take Your Passwords With You
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Take Your Passwords With You

Over the last few years I’ve been playing the role of Internet Marketing Manager. With this role came the responsibility of managing the almighty password protected excel spreadsheet that contained every important log-in and password critical for doing my job. I quickly found myself logging into 10 to 30 websites every day. I found myself logging in to many of these sites multiple times each day.  After tossing out a random complaint one day, a colleague of mine recommended a tool called RoboForm. I jumped online to download the Free Trial Version to give it a test drive, and guess what… I never looked backed. RoboForm is just the tops, I freakin’ love this thing. If you want to give RoboForm a try, you can download a free trial version at RoboForm.com. The free version let’s you save up to 10 log-ins.

A little over a year ago I upgraded to RoboForm2Go, which is on a portable USB drive. The only things better then RoboForm is RoboForm2Go. I can now take my passwords with me where ever I go. I have found keeping my personal and work passwords together in one location extremely beneficial. I love the fact that I don’t have to take my laptop home every night. I just load up my USB Drive with my reports and such, toss it in my pocket and head home. So here’s everything this thing it has…

  • It auto save your passwords in browser.
  • It auto fills logins & forms.
  • Fill personal info into online forms
  • Save offline passwords & notes.
  • Generate Secure Random Passwords to meet security best practices.
  • Encrypt passwords and personal data using AES, Blowfish, RC6, 3-DES or 1-DES algorithms.
  • All personal info is stored on your computer only.
  • Take RoboForm with you on USB disk for ultimate portability.
  • Sync your passwords and notes to Palm or Pocket PC.
  • Backup & Restore, Print your passwords.
  • It is well-behaved: NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE.
  • Works under Windows as an add-on to IE-based browsers.
  • Works with Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox under Windows, it’s even Vista ready.

The Bottom Line:  Roboform2Go is a must have for the professional on the go that likes repetitive tasks simplified to the lowest denominator or for anyone that is just plan lazy. The software itself runs for $39.95, but you’ll be thankful you purchased it. I recommend getting your own large storage USB drive instead of buying their 256MB USB drive for $9.95. You’ll wanna also pick up their sync software called GoodSync for backing up your My Documents folder on your work computer.

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  • KJH January 22, 2009, 1:24 am

    Can’t recommend GoodSync enough. v7.5+ of GoodSync now supports backing up or syncing to Amazon S3, so you can backup to the ‘cloud’ as it were. Here’s a positive GoodSync Review.

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