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iPhone Update of Google Mobile app includes a Ninja?

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Originally uploaded by factoryjoe

The latest update for the Google Mobile app on the iPhone includes a ninja. They call this out as specific feature update. You can find the ninja by opening the application to the search screen on your iPhone. You’ll see the Ninja appear as one of A. Googlers comments. Be patient, it might take awhile for him to show up. Trust me, he is there.  I would like to thank @chrismessina for pointing this out to me. Chris was also one of the first people to find the Bells & Whistle Easter egg in the previous Google MoApp update prior to Google announcement.

Check out the screen capture of the mobile ninja on my phone:

iPhone Screen Capture of Google Mobile Ninja

iPhone Screen Capture of Google Mobile Ninja

UPDATE: If you want more Google Ninja, check out the ninja shirt I made at Zazzle.com.

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