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Upgrading the ole’ Blog to WordPress 2.7

I just wanted to write a quick note to mention that I’ll be upgrading my blog to WordPress 2.7 aka Coltrane. Things might not be working right until I am finished. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the mean time.

Learn more about the latest WordPress 2.7, and why they called it Coltrane by visiting the WP Blog @


I’ve been toying around the idea of creating an official website dedicated to my interests in mobile technology, mobile web marketing & m-commerce. I don’t want to use my personal name domain as a platform for something that could easily grow beyond my personal thoughts and ideas.

 The idea for mobLine hit me during Alan M. Weber’s keynote address at the 2006 LinkShare Symposium in New York. Alan shared his thoughts on how to successfully lead a business into the new era of commerce fueled by a global economy. He covered a wide range of topics during his keynote, but a few things really struck a chord with me; the use of information as a catalyst for change, the importance of speed in innovation, globalization is something to embrace, the way we do business is going to change and the world is shrinking because of The Internet. Even though his keynote was a bit ominous, I agreed with assessment of the future. Near the end of his keynote, Alan made a statement along the lines of; “The invention of The Internet was just the start. The next great innovation will come sooner than you think.”

Overall his keynote was thought provoking. It got me thinking about how I could embrace this new era of commerce in a global economy. I really liked the idea of making use of web enabled mobile devices to help create my stateless business. Then it dawned on me how open the mobile web was ripe for new business ventures. I viewed it as Columbus’ New World, an undiscovered country with huge potential. I thought of the name mobLine as a cleaver play on words to distinguish / brand the difference between shopping on the World Wide Web and shopping on the mobile web. Instead of shopping online with your computer, you would be shopping mobLine (Mobile + Online = mobLine, get it?) with your phone. Unfortunately I got wrapped up with other things after the conference and I never did anything with this idea.

4Q of last year I launched a mobile version of The Woodwind & Brasswind website on the mPoria Mobile Commerce Platform, which I highly recommend if you are looking for a painless solution for mobile ecommerce. Two things quickly became very obvious to me; people are willing to buy musical instruments from a mobile commerce site and true multi-channel integration is tough because the tools, services and technologies are still young.  As an example I want to create a mobile version of my email to add into my multipart newsletter. I think it be great if someone subscribed to my newsletter and when they viewed it from a web browser they got my .com links, but if the viewed the same email from a mobile device it would have my .mobi links instead. Current web standards for email do not allow me to pull this off. 

The mobile industry is still young and standards are still being defined.  My goal with mobLine.org is to create a shared resource for all things m-commerce. The site is not live yet, but it should be soon. I’ll keep you posted as things develop. I’m looking for help if anyone is interested.

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WordPress Mobile Edition Plugin

I wanted to share with you how easy it was to extend WordPress to create my own moBlog by using an opensource mobile blog software plugin called WordPress Mobile Edition. In short WordPress Mobile Edition is a plugin that shows a different user interface designed specifically for use on cell phones and other devices. When a user visits your blog from a mobile device, they will see a simplified version of your blog that looks great on most mobile phones.  Most mobile web browsers are automatically detected. WordPress Mobile Edition requires no configuration by the user.

I give this wp plugin 5 stars for ease of use and setup.

You can download WordPress Mobile Edition from the Plugins Directory at WordPress.org. Click here to learn more about this great little plugin.


WM6 Internet Connection Sharing on the Blackjack

I was excited that AT&T finally released the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for my Blackjack because I thought it was never going to happen. I was also hoping AT&T learned a lesson after the original release and would address some of the outstanding issues like extending Bluetooth functionality. It looks like AT&T didn’t learn a thing and let some marketing dude remove Internet Connection Sharing from Mobile 6 for the Blackjack so they could charge for it instead. Why must AT&T be so greedy? No worries, I have some good news. A savor with the screen name chudy2 stepped up and created a hack to help the masses get their ICS back.

Connect Your Laptop to a AT&T Blackjack & Use It As A Modem
The following instructions were pulled from howardforums.com. This process was developed by one of the forum members named chudy2. It appears most people have been able to set ICS up with no issues. Make sure you do your own research. It is important you feel comfortable with making these kind of changes to your phone.

Standard Disclaimer: I must state that I take no responsibility for the actions of anyone reading this blog. If something of yours breaks because you did something I talked about, it’s your fault, not mine. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

How’s your confidence, are you ready to pull this off?

  1. First and foremost you’ll need to application unlock your phone. Read my earlier post on how to unlock your Blackjack. If you do not unlock your phone none of the following recommendations will work.
  2. Reset your phone.
  3. Download the following file to your computer by right clicking the file name and select Save Target As. WARNING: If you download this file using IE you might have to change the file extension from .ics to .cab before saving it.
  4. Install the BJ.WM6.ICS.Enable cab file (it might ask you to reboot)
  5. Navigate to \My Documents and click on the certs.cab file
  7. Go to start and run internet sharing.

Let me know if you have any issues. 

What’s Internet Connection Sharing or ICS?
You may wonder why you need ICS on Samsung Blackjack. I hope the following helps answer that question. Internet Connection Sharing enables you to access the Internet by connecting your computer laptop to your Blackjack phone.  This is also referred to as “tethering” your device to your cell phone. As long as you have a data plan, it negates the need for you to purchase an extra cellular modem. ICS also allows for Mac & Linux users to connect to the Blackjack since they don’t have ActiveSync.


Unlocking the Blackjack SIM Card

So you want to unlock your Samsung Blackjack? Unlocking your Blackjack cell phone will give the ability to put the SIM card from any carrier in it so you can use on their network. This will let you use the incredible Blackjack on Sprint if you want too. Now you can go overseas and use a pay as you go SIM from a local carrier. Cool right?

I know my earlier post on “How to Perform an Application Unlock on the Blackjack” caused some confusion because some of you thought I was talking about a SIM unlock. I’m hoping this information helps.

How to Unlock Your Blackjack:

  1. First you’ll need to get your Network Control Key. The Network Control Key is a 8 digits unlock code. There are two paths to get your NCK. You can either call AT&T or ask for it. You may have to ask them to put you through to their tech department.  If you’ve never signed up for AT&T’s Service they may not give the code because your not a customer. The other way to get the code is to contact a cell phone unlocking service. They usually charge around $20 to get this code for you.
  2. Once you get the Network Control Key power off the phone.
  3. Remove the SIM card.
  4. Power on the phone back on.
  5. Enter #7465625*638*
  6. Enter Network Control Key.
  7. Press “OK” Soft key, not the Send or OK hard key.
  8. Power off the phone.
  9. Reinsert the new SIM card.

Based on the response from people that have tried this I assume it works. I have no need to unlock my phone because I live in the States and I enjoy using AT&T as my services provider. So please let me know if this does not work on either the original Samsung Blackjack or the Blackjack II. Good luck!